When a person is experiencing foot pain they may choose an ensole to help them get through the day. According to a recent study many people including 90% of women choose the shoes they wear based on their appearance rather than comfort. Many are left wondering if ensoles will ease the pain and allow a person to walk comfortably.

There are different ensoles that are made for different types of feet. There are models that are designed to fit people that have a high arch, a neutral arch, and people that have a low arch. In order to see the best benefit a person has to find the one that is best for their foot type.

In a recent study fourteen people were given ensoles to put into their shoes and were then asked to walk five and a half miles in a specific period of time. People have reported mixed results. Some users said that the ensoles did not make a difference. Others have stated that their shoes did feel a little more comfortable but there was no significant advantage. A thing to keep in mind with ensoles is that they are not meant to be used and removed often. If a person takes them in and out of the shoes then they can actually cause damage to the shoes. If a person does choose to use ensoles than they should leave them in the shoes that they were intended for.

Foot experts have stated that the shoe that a person wears is not always the problem. The problem is that people tend to buy their shoes too small. Whenever a person goes to purchase a pair of shoes they should measure their foot to ensure they are getting the proper size. A pair of shoes that fit well should have the width of the pinkie toe between the tip of the toes and the tip of the shoes. Encloses can then be added for extra comfort but they may not be needed. You should check out foot doctor reviews austin and get the best rated doctor and contact them for further help

Ensoles can make a shoe more comfortable but not by a significant amount. If a person has a specific foot condition then it may benefit them to purchase a pair of ensoles. If a person does select ensoles they need to find one that best fits their type of foot. For the average person they should concentrate on finding a pair of shoes that fit well so they can enjoy additional comfort and not have to worry about foot pain.